Videos of Foulée des Parcs d'Outremont-en-Famille

Training with seniors at the Résidence Outremont to get to their goal to walk in the Foulée! The residents train every week with two professional trainers, Valérie Poulin and Jean-Luc Poussin from Midtown, who set aside their own time to work with the seniors.

Emmanuel Bilodeau, one of our most enthusiastic runners of Foulée des Parcs made a video for you! (2017)

Midtown Athletic Club Sanctuaire, One of our Gold Sponsors

The Foulée des Parcs according to Emmanuel Bilodeau

La Foulée des Parcs 2014

La Foulée des Parcs 2013 – The Race

La Foulée des Parcs 2013 – The Volunteers Meeting

La Foulée des Parcs 2013 – Meet some of the first Foulée organizing team

La Foulée des Parcs 2013 – Meet some of the runners

Serge Brosseau, the president of Remax, talks about the Foulée des parcs