Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The information provided may change over time, to better respond to your questions.


Q: How do I register for the race?
A: There is a way to register for La Foulée des parcs: online on the event website, by clicking on the REGISTER tab.

Q: Is it possible to register on the day of the event?
A: You will be able to register on the day of the event but know that this entails risks! The races can be full and, in 2019, registrations made the same day will not allow to have a chip to time your race, so sign up online before – it is the best choice!

Q: Can I cancel my registration?
A: No, you can not cancel your registration nor get a refund.

Q: Can I change my registration?
A: Once your registration is registered and paid online, you will not be able to modify it. However, if you would like to register for another race than the one you registered, please contact our team ( indicating the names and any other info of your registration so that we can make the changes. Please note that no changes will be made after May 31st, 2019.

Q: Can I register for more than one race?
A: You can participate in more than one race. Follow the instructions on the registration site directly.

Q: Are there any discounts on registration fees?
A: For more than 3 people registered for the same address, a 20% discount is granted. Please note that this discount is not applicable to the Family-and-Friends-Challenge. You will also get a 20% discount if you participate in more than 3 races.

Registration for the Seniors Walk « Dare to Act »

The registration fee for the seniors walk is $ 5. No discounts apply. The inscription includes a shirt, water and a snack.

Seniors can register online on our registration site. The fee is $ 0 on the website but $ 5 will be collected on race day when collecting your shirt.

Seniors can also contact the neighborhood police station (PDQ) in their area to obtain information and register by telephone. To join their PDQ, simply call 514 280-04XX, the « X » corresponding to the number of the PDQ concerned. In some areas of the Northern Montreal region, a community organization can complete the registration forms for seniors and may offer free transportation on the day of the event. For seniors, the payment of the registration will be accepted by cheque, addressed to Outremont-en-Famille, on June 10th at the park.

Access and parking

Q: How to I get to the event?
A: It will not be possible to travel by car to Parc Outremont (which is where the races start and end, in addition to being the meeting place for the event). We also encourage you to use your bike or public transport. Outremont Metro Station (on the blue line) is a 5-minute walk from Outremont Park. As for the bus system, the area is well served by the bus system, including lines # 46, # 51, # 80,# 129,# 160, and #161.

Q: Where will it be possible to park a car?
A: Ideally, come on foot or by public transport! Several streets will be closed due to the event. However, the following parking lots will be accessible: Edward-Charles Street (north of Laurier), Avenue de l’Épée (south of Van Horne), Querbes Avenue (south of Van Horne), Bloomfield Avenue (north of Van Horne). The rest of the parking areas are affected by the closure of streets. You can also park along the streets (make sure to read the parking signs). Here is a map of last year’s closed streets – Foulée 2018 – Plan de rues – Street Map

Support and services for runners

Q: Where are the toilets located?
A: There are two washrooms in Outremont Park and there where be portable ones set on site.

Q: Will there be a place to change?
A: No, there are none available.

Q: Will there be water and snacks?
A: Water will be distributed at different locations and snacks will be offered to participants at the end of their races. See Race and Race section, below, for more details.

Q: Is there a place for personal belongings?
A: You can deposit your personal belongings (maximum of one bag per participant) in a designated space at Outremont Park. Do not leave any valuables, as the security of the property left can not be guaranteed. La Foulée des Parcs and Outremont en Famille does not take any responsibility in the event of loss, theft or breakage.

Q: Is there a babysitting service?
A: No babysitting is available. The children are therefore under the responsibility of the adult accompanying them throughout the duration of the event.

Q: Is there anything to keep the kids entertained?
A: Entertainment will be offered to the children. In addition,  there is a playground in the park.

Race and course

Q: At what time should I arrive?
A: If you have already picked up your shirt and bib, it is strongly recommended to arrive at Parc Outremont at least thirty minutes before the scheduled start of your race. If you do not get your shirt and bib, it is recommended that you go to the « Inscriptions » tent on the Outremont Park site at least 1 hour before your departure. Please see the LOGISTICS tab for more information. Each runner must go to the starting line of his race at least 10 minutes before the official time of departure. All departures take place on Avenue Outremont, between St-Viateur and Elmwood avenue, except for the Family-and-Friends-Challenge which takes place at Elmwood-Querbes corner.

Q: Is the race official?
A: The race is sanctioned by the Quebec Athletics Federation.

Q: Is there a maximum number of participants per race?
A: 500 runners are accepted for the regular 5 km race and the 10 km race. 500 riders are accepted for the 1 km and 2 km (with and without strollers). As for the Family-and-Friends-Challenge, 240 participants are accepted (60 teams of 4 people).

Q: Are the kilometers indicated on all routes?
A: On all courses, markers indicate the number of kilometers covered. You will know exactly how many kilometers you have to run before arrival.

Q: Will there be water distributed on the course?
A: Water will be available for participants at the snack area, located at Parc Outremont. There will also be water distributed for the 5 km and 10 km. In the case of the 5 km, there will be a water point just before the 3rd km. In the case of the 10 km, there will be two water points, before the 3rd km and the 8th km.

Q: Will a snack be offered?
A: Each runnerwill be entitled to a snack, on presentation of his number.

Seniors Walk « Dare to Act »

Q: What time should I expect to arrive?
A: In order to get back your « Dare to Act » shirt, it is strongly recommended that you arrive at Parc Outremont at least one hour before the start of this walk which begins 11:05 am. Return to the « Registration » tent on the Outremont Park site. Please see the PRACTICAL ASPECTS tab for more information. Each walker must go to the starting line of the walk at least 10 minutes before the official time of departure. All departures take place on Avenue Outremont, between Saint-Viateur and Elmwood avenues, except for the departure of the Défi famille-amis which takes place corner of avenues Elmwood and Querbes.

Q: Is there a maximum number of participants for the Seniors Walk « Dare to Act »?
A: 250 participants will be accepted for the Seniors Walk « Dare to Act ».

Q: Will there be water distribution on the course?
A: No. Water will be offered to walkers after walking to the snack bar, located at Parc Outremont.

Q: Will a snack be offered?
A: Yes. Each walker will be entitles to a snack, after walking, at the snack bar, located at Parc Outremont.


Q: What is the Family-and-Friends-Challenge?
A: This is a 4 x 500 m relay race, involving members of the same family or a group of friends.

Q: Who can participate in this race?
A: The race is for runners 5 years and up. However, it is possible to register a younger child if the latter has already run a distance of 500 m without accompaniment.

Q: Can I run the Family-and-Friends-Challenge with a stroller?
A: It is not allowed to participate in the Family-and-Friends-Challenge with a stroller, for safety reasons.

Q: What should I consider before registering my child at the Family-and-Friends-Challenge?
A: The most important criterion is that the child has already run a distance of 500 m alone (without the accompaniment of an adult).

Q: Can I accompany my child during the race?
A: It is not allowed to accompany a child, for reasons of safety and space.

Q: From what age is an adult considered to be a race?
A: 18 years old

Q: Does each member have to wear a chip?
A: Yes. There is one chip per team and it is transmitted from runner to runner of the same team (chip exchanges are done in the transition zone).

Q: How are children’s safety ensured during their race?
A: A large number of volunteers will be on and around the course to ensure the safety of the runners.

Q: In the case of a large family, can 2 children run a relay together?
A: There can not be more than 4 riders in total in each team.

Q: If my child is too tired to continue, how will he find me?
A: Volunteers will accompany them to the starting point of the race.

Q: If someone on my team can not show up on the day of the race, can I replace it with someone else?
A: Absolutely, it is a race for fun.

Q: If someone on my team can not show up on the day of the race, can the other three people still run?
A: No, ideally, we’ll have to find a fourth person.

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