La Foulée des Parcs, consists of more than 200 volunteers on race day on top of the management team!


General Manager Lucie Francoeur
Project Manager Hugues Martin
Sponsors Jean Lapointe
Finances Vicky Gagnon
Logistics Francis Bertrand et Bertin Dickner
Snacks Catherine Vamos, Support Isabelle Chagnon
Volunteers Roxanne Gendron, Support Geneviève Beaudoin-Lebeuf
Courses Benoit Martin, Suppert for Security: Lucas Moreau, Support Louise Moffatt
Communications Jocelyne Planche, Support: Nicolas Gendreau
Animation Simon Lebeau
Zero Waste Kelly Martin

Additional Team Members:
Juliette Bergouen Demeaux
Isabelle Johnson
Valerie Momo
Emmanuel Grondin

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